For Sellers

Secrets of successful sellers


While there is no definite, absolute rule to sell your property, here are

some tried and true practices that may make the difference between

a property languishing on the market and selling efficiently.


Choose the right agent for you.

Ask friends and family for referrals.

Narrow down your list of potential agents and choose one who has

knowledge of your neighborhood and a history of following up with

their clients.


Be realistic. When it comes to pricing your home.

Work with yourAgent to decide on an accurate and fair price.

Comparable in the area, coupled with your agent’s experience, is helpful when listing.


Spic and span.

Your home should be in pristine condition when potential buyers view your home.

Buyers should be focused on your beautiful windows, not the fingerprints on the glass.

If necessary,shampoo carpets and refinish the wood floors.


Eliminate the excess.

Remove any furniture that is unnecessary.  Consider storing furniture that clutters a room.

Oversized items may make a space feel smaller than it actually is.


Take yourself out of it.

Store or swap out any family pictures. This is a great opportunity to showcase

the property in other seasons. If your open house is in the winter, perhaps

frame pictures of the backyard or façade of the home in full bloom.


Quick fix.

Before showing your home, complete all those home fixes

you've been meaning to get to. The squeaky step or floorboard, the

grout in the bathroom or leaky faucets should all be repaired before

potential buyers notice them.